Community Help in Music Education (CHIME)

ADVOCACY: We successfully lobbied DC City Council for $250,000 for 2005 DCPS summer music programs at 12 sites.
We helped Bell Multicultural H.S. get $50,000 for its music department.

INSTRUCTION AND PERFORMANCE: We provided over 15,000 public school children from over 50 schools and 4 out of school programs with ongoing or one-time instructional programs.

TEACHER TRAINING: We provided over 40 professional development workshops for DCPS teachers in recorder methodology and how to incorporate music into curricula.

INSTRUMENT DONATIONS: We distributed over 125 donated instruments, plus uniforms and instructional materials to DC schools.

PUBLIC PROGRAMS: We presented 53 free Music Around the World programs in 11 DC public libraries and other venues.
We produced 11 program that are aired multiple times monthly on D.C.TV.

SMITHSONIAN PARTNERSHIP: We formed partnership with the Smithsonian's Anacostia Museum and Center for African-American History and Culture and the American University for Banding Together Then and Now, a project to document the role of DC bands in their "glory days" as compared to the present.

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