Community Help in Music Education (CHIME)


"Many thanks for the excellent recorder program CHIME is providing
to our of the most successful and useful professional
development activities we've offered our faculty...By next year, I predict
that a large proportion of our students will be playing the recorder as well
as reaping the academic benefits of studyinginstrumental music."
Tanya Deskins, Principal, MC Terrel Elementary School.

"We would like to express Bancroft Elementary's sincere appreciation
for all of the outstanding assistance Ms. Dorothy Marschak has provided
to us in support of our music education program. She and her organization,
CHIME, have made it possible for us to develop and sustain many opportunities
for our students to learn to read music, play instruments, perform in musicals
and evelop the focus and dexterity necessary to imporve academic skills..."
Fay Thompson, Principal, Bancroft Elementary School.

"I deeply appreciate the volunteer work CHIME is doing for our students
in supporting the integration of music into Reed's core curriculum and in
increasing music education in classrooms"
Dr. John Sparrow, Principal, Marie Reed Learning Center.

"I would like to express my sincere gratitude for the assistance CHIME
has given Walker-Jones Elementary School in helping to build an instrumental
program...and in providing an opportunity for our Head Start students to
receive music instruction..."
Ericka Jackson, Music Instructor.

"The Sitar Center...has had wonderful experiences with volunteers that
the CHIME program has sent to work with the children in our after school
program. CHIME also donated instruments to our center and encouraged local
schools to refer students to our music classes..."
Rhonda Buckley, Executive Director, Patricia M. Sitar Center for the Arts.

"We applaud this deeply worthwhile effort, and encourage support for
its work on all fronts."
Christopher Kendall, Director, University of Maryland School of Music.