Community Help in Music Education (CHIME)

OUR MISSION IS... mobilize community resources to promote, provide and build connections through music education for DC students, during and outside of school.


  • Having music included in the required DC school curriculum, as a discipline and integrated into the academic curriculum, supported and enriched by CHIME programs.
  • Enlisting community support for school bands, orchestras and choruses.
  • Promoting and providing accessible ongoing after-school music instruction.
  • Promoting and providing training in music incorporation for early childhood education providers.
  • Establishing joint music projects between schools that help build community.
  • Providing qualitatively richer lives for inner-city children, and connection to our multi-cultural heritage, through exposure to many forms of music and the opportunity to learn how to produce it themselves.
  • Helping to build the character traits and skills needed for successful lives, careers and citizenship through participation in music ensembles.

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