Community Help in Music Education (CHIME)

History of Programs

  • We began our library programs with 5 presentations at Mount Pleasant Library in the Spring of 2001, for which the artists donated their services.

  • We extended the project to include 19 programs in four DC libraries in the Spring of 2002. Thanks to a matching grant from the Humanities Council of Washington, we were abble to offer honoraria to the presenters, who included four of the five in our original series.

  • During the 2002-2003 school year, in response to requests from many other libraries to host these programs, we presented 22 programs at 11 neighborhood libraries, covering every ward in the city. These programs were organized into consecutive groupings of music having US, Hispanic, Asian, African and European roots. They brought out the connections as well as the differences between the musical forms and instruments most closely associated with particular cultures.
  • Our last library programs were in Spring 2003.


Goals of the Programs

  • To increase knowledge and appreciation of music from different cultures, genres and historical periods, in its social and historical context.
  • To demonstrate how different cultures influence each other - how the spread of music reflects patterns of colonialism, immigration, trade and communication - and how music brings us together.
  • To tie in programs with classroom enrichment and book displays by librarians to encourage reading more about the represented cultures.
  • To provide an enjoyable experience that parents and children can share.
  • To expand available cultural offerings in underserved neighborhoods.
  • To bring more people into libraries and promote their use as community centers.

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