Community Help in Music Education (CHIME)


We pass out evaluation forms at each library presentation. We ask respondents for some demographic information and also to rate the programs Excellent, Good, Fair or Poor. Most ratings have been Excellent, with none less than Good for any of the 46 programs we have presented through May 2003. We also ask what they have learned, and for any comments. Here are some comments on our 2002-2003 Music Around the World series of 22 programs at 11 DC public libraries.

"Dance Music From Scotland", Washington Highlands Library - 5/10/03:

  • "Keep up the good work!"
  • "I think the program did wonderful" (6th grader)
  • "Very very informative."

"Afro-Cuban Folkloric Rumba", Mount Pleasant Library - 5/3/03:

  • "Wonderful! Perfect balance of information and demonstration. Very good, charismatic speaker."
  • "Thank you!! Wonderful program!"
  • "Keep on keeping on!"
  • "Wow!"

"Jinny Marsh’s Hot Kugel Klezmer Band", Shepherd Park Library - 4/26/03

  • "The violinist was superb! As good as they get!"

"Sax Appeal: the Saxophone Through the Ages, with Rhonda Buckley and students from the Patricia Sitar Center for the Arts", Mt. Pleasant Library - 3/29/03

  • "Excellent job! Please do more presentations like this."
  • "Terrific!"

"French Music for Winds with Vientos Alegres", Cleveland Park Library - 3/22/03

  • "Thanks so much."
  • "More in upper NW please."
  • "Keep it up!"

"Klezmer Music with Alexandria Kleztet", Francis Gregory Library - 3/8/03

  • "Keep up the presentations."
  • "Awesome"
  • "It was a wonderful way to spend the afternoone, and it was free!"
  • "They were great!!!"

"History of Gospel Music with Angela Polite", Francis Gregory Library - 2/8/03
and Watha Daniel/Shaw Library - 9/28/02.

  • "Very educational."
  • "Need more of this. Not just in Black History month."
  • "I would like to see more programs like this."
  • "Combination of learned explanation and performance is excellent."
  • "I would like to see children take these sessions for credit."
  • "Need to get the word out about these programs—also great discussion!"

"Raga Time: Music of South Asia with Brian Silver", Petworth Library - 1/25/03.

  • "This was an excellent presentation" (8th grader)
  • "Highly informative. Thank you!"
  • "The quality is very impressive and I hope the program continues to grow in scope and attendance."
  • "Keep advertising these events. I want to see more."
  • "The sitar playing was great."

"Music of Arabic Peoples with Grant Chamberlain", Francis Gregory Library - 1/11/03.

  • "This kind of program is great! Thanks for putting it on!"
  • "Excellent!"
  • "The handout was very good."
  • "More opportunities like this to see and touch instruments would be wonderful for children."
  • "Thank you CHIME for providing this opportunity for people to come together and see their commonality."

"African Drumming with Steven Nash and Friends", Lamond-Riggs Library - 11/2/02:

  • "Very essential. Very rejuvenating.and interesting." (student)
  • "Very generous musicians and very knowledgeable. Thank you!"

"Great Women Jazz Singers with Cynthia Lin", Benning Library - 10/5/02.

  • "Very good and informative program."
  • "Keep it going."